Safety Tips

As always, the Warren Township Police Department remains willing and ready to assist our residents in any way we can. If you would like to have a security survey performed please contact Lt. Eric Yaccarino at 908-753-1000.

Stolen Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Burglary Tips

The Warren Twp. Police would like to remind you of some helpful tips so you do not become a victim.

Ensure that you always LOCK YOUR VEHICLE whether it’s parked on your street, in your driveway, out shopping or at your local gym, or in your garage. A majority of the time a would-be thief will move on to the next vehicle when encountering a locked vehicle as opposed to breaking into it and drawing attention.

Make sure your residence/business is well lit during the evening and overnight hours. Thieves typically look for darker areas to commit these burglaries for less visibility by passing motorists, neighbors and police.

DO NOT leave spare keys or anything of value in your vehicle. Purses/wallets, electronics (iPods/iPads, laptops, GPS Units etc), vehicle valet keys, sunglasses, credit cards, cash and cell phones should NEVER be left inside your vehicle, especially in plain view. If you must leave such items in your vehicle we recommend you conceal and or secure them properly, however we urge you NOT to leave them in the vehicle. Additionally, everyone should be aware that these vehicle burglaries often lead to other crimes such as fraud and identity theft. We suggest you limit the amount of personal information you keep in your vehicle as well as keep a record all of the serial numbers of your valuables and store it in a safe place in your home.

While we know nothing is 100% foolproof, we feel that by taking the precautions we’ve suggested you can seriously reduce the chance of being a victim of these types of crimes. If you see any suspicious persons or activities in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1 immediately. Criminals thrive on opportunity, DO NOT give them one.

Residential Burglary Prevention Tips

With the recent residential burglaries that have occurred in Warren Township, throughout Somerset County and in northern New Jersey, the Warren Township Police Department would like to take this opportunity to advise our residents of the current burglary trends and how to lessen the possibility of being a victim.

We believe the new style burglary crews currently spread out through New Jersey are affiliated with career burglars who typically strike between 7pm and 12am (midnight).  They work in groups of 2-4 persons operating expensive vehicles which would not typically stand out in your neighborhood.  Entry into homes has been gained by shouldering exterior doors or smashing rear glass doors.  Additionally, power boxes have been tampered with or ripped off the exterior of the residences.  The actor(s) are sometimes in the residence for several minutes ransacking numerous rooms, closets, desks, and dressers (etc) looking for anything of value.

With this in mind what can YOU do to keep your home safe?

Install quality door locks and dead bolts to all exterior doors of your home.

If you do not have one or both, install an alarm system and surveillance cameras on the exterior and interior of your home. Make sure the alarm is monitored by a central station that will immediately notify the police first of an activation. Additionally, when you install cameras ensure that the system have a street, driveway, and perimeter views as well as the interior near all entrances of the home. If you already have these systems make sure you activate them accordingly. When having these systems installed or updated we suggest you have a battery/cellular back up in place as well as remote monitoring capabilities available.

Install motion lights on the perimeter of your property and make sure the exterior of your home is always well lit during all night time hours.

Communicate with your neighbors. Advise them when you’re going on vacation or extended weekend trips so they can monitor your home, mail and any activity that may be out of the ordinary.

DO NOT post on any social media sites that you are on vacation and for how long. We advise that you post any pictures/events from your trip after you return home

Add your home to the Warren Township Police Department “Vacant House List” when you go on vacation or extended weekend trips. Once on the list, your home will be specifically checked by the patrol division in your absence. Refer to for the vacant house list form. DO NOT leave your keys in your vehicle or leave it unlocked at anytime while parked in your driveway.

Report ANY and ALL suspicious activity you may see in your neighborhood, no matter how minor it may appear.

As always, the Warren Township Police Department remains willing and ready to assist our residents in any way we can.

If you would like to have a security survey performed please contact Lt. Eric Yaccarino at 908-753-1000.

COVID-19 Scam Information



The Warren Township Police would like to take a moment to warn residents of several schemes that have emerged nationally amid the COVID -19 health crisis.  Scammers have already devised numerous methods of defrauding people by setting up fake websites, contacting people by phone and email, and posting disinformation on social media platforms.  Additionally, be aware that no one will be offering vaccines or testing kits via the internet or by phone.  Below you will find a few tips to be mindful of when receiving any information regarding COVID-19:

  • Be wary of any business, charity, or individual requesting payments in cash, by wire transfer, gift card or through the mail.


  • Never share your personal or financial information over email, text message or over the phone.


  • Know that government agencies will never call you to ask for money.


If you receive something suspicious contact the Warren Township Police non-emergency number at 908-753-1000.  Additionally, The Justice Department has separately urged Americans to report suspected fraud schemes related to COVID-19 by calling the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) hotline at 1-866-720-5721 or by emailing the NCDF at [email protected]ov.

Latest Scam Information

The Warren Township Police would like to remind our residents that phone and email scams are on the rise and we urge you not to give out ANY personal or financial information to random callers or through emails. The list below describes some of the more recent scam attempts residents have been reporting.

Phishing involves an email, often using the name and logo of a legitimate company, asking you to click a link and provide account details – which are then used to commit fraud.

SMShing is essentially phishing via text, directing you to follow a link or call to provide sensitive account information.

Vishing is phishing via phone, where the caller (or recording) warns you of the urgent need to confirm sensitive account information, or to call a number and provide it.

These scams often look legitimate, however; legitimate companies don’t use unsolicited communications or pressure tactics. These fake e-mails, texts, and calls will ultimately seek sensitive personal and account information, like Social Security numbers, account numbers, passwords or password prompts.

Communications may also include links or attachments that install computer/mobile device viruses and/or keystroke loggers and should NOT be clicked on or opened.

Messages use pressure to encourage you to click a link or place a call immediately as a fear tactic claiming your utilities will be turned off or your relative has been arrested and needs financial assistance to be released. If you receive calls like this, hang up immediately.
Always contact the institution named in the email, phone call, or text you receive BEFORE you provide any information. It’s important to make contact by alternate means, other than a direct reply to the sender, to ensure you’re communicating with a credible information source. And remember NO legitimate business, credit card company, government agency, or utility company will ever ask for payment via gift cards.

Investigations have revealed a majority of these scammers operate overseas and aren’t going away. We strive to continue to educate our residents on how to spot them and hopefully avoid you from becoming a victim.

Chief William Keane

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