What are C-Pros?

Our Community-Policing and Resource Officers (C-PROs) are full-time sworn police officers assigned to our Community Affairs and Traffic Team (CATT). These officers are trained to the highest standards and work closely with the community to build trust and solve problems. Some of their primary tasks include:

1. Community Engagement and Partnerships: Connect with members of the community, including houses of worship, schools, and businesses, to understand their concerns and needs. This means going to community meetings and services; and collaborating in community events regularly. By being present and approachable, C-PROs can build relationships with stakeholders, making it easier for them to voice their concerns and feel comfortable seeking help. This also allows officers to stay informed about what’s happening in different neighborhoods.

2. Problem-Solving: Working with community members and businesses to proactively address crime and quality of life issues that impact them. This involves threat assessments and creating plans and strategies to make the community safer. C-PROs use a collaborative approach, involving local stakeholders in developing and implementing solutions. They might address issues such as noise complaints, property maintenance, speeding vehicles, drug activity, and auto thefts; working to identify root causes and prevent future problems.

3. Education and Awareness: Teaching stakeholders about crime prevention and safety. This can include workshops, training seminars, and sharing information publicly. C-PROs provide valuable resources and training to help community members protect themselves and their property. This might include tips on home security, personal safety, or how to recognize and report suspicious activity.

4. Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Helping to resolve disputes and conflicts in the community peacefully. C-PROs act as neutral mediators in conflicts between neighbors, family members, or other community members. They work to de-escalate tensions and find mutually agreeable solutions, preventing situations from escalating into violence or legal issues.

5. Networking: Working closely with federal, state, county, and local law enforcement partners through the Field Intelligence Program to ensure the safety of Warren Township. C-PROs maintain strong connections with other law enforcement agencies, sharing information and resources to enhance public safety. This collaboration helps in tackling larger issues, such as serious and organized crime or regional threats, ensuring a coordinated response.

6. Youth Outreach: Connecting with students through school programs, mentorship, and activities to provide a path forward and prevent juvenile crime. C-PROs engage with youth in positive ways, providing guidance and support to keep them on a positive path. This can include participating in after-school programs, sports leagues, or mentoring initiatives.

7. Data-Driven Enforcement and Policing: Using data and community feedback to make better decisions and measure the success of community policing and enforcement efforts. C-PROs collect and analyze data on crime trends, community concerns, and the effectiveness of their initiatives. This information helps them make informed decisions about where to focus and target their enforcement efforts and how to improve their strategies.


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