"911 Where is the EMERGENCY?"

Please use 911 for Emergencies Only. For all other calls, please use the main Police Department number: 908-753-1000.

911 should be used for reporting fire, medical or police emergencies Only!

An emergency is a situation that threatens human life or property and demands Immediate Attention.

When reporting an emergency, try to remain as calm as possible. When calling 9-1-1 or the regular police line, please be certain to listen to the dispatchers instructions and questions. Tell the dispatcher the Location and Nature of the Emergency. For example, at a motor vehicle accident, the dispatcher may ask you to check for injuries. If you can safely check for injuries, do so & tell the dispatcher. This is extremely important as now the dispatcher can dispatch the Rescue Squad as well as Police. You may even save a life by performing this simple task.

By utilizing 911 during a non-emergency situations, you may be preventing someone with an actual emergency from obtaining help!

And just a reminder, making false 911 calls is against the law and anyone caught making the 911 call will be prosecuted (and it would not be the first time someone was prosecuted for a false 911 call!!)

Once you dial 911 your address and phone number is instantly displayed and the police are Dispatched.

A false 911 call is a violation of New Jersey Criminal Law, NJSA 2C:33-3.

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