Child Passenger Seat Inspections

The Warren Township Police Traffic Safety Bureau consists of three National Child Passenger Safety Certified Police Officers that will guide participants on the proper installation and use of your supplied child seat. Warren’s Traffic Safety Officer’s find that nine out of ten of child seats inspected needed some type of correction. Common misuses are improper seat for a child’s weight/age, expired seat, improper latch or seat belt routing, tangled shoulder belts, improper rear facing angles and child seats with manufacturer recalls that have not been updated or completed.


The Warren Traffic Safety Bureau stresses this is a hands on event and participants are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with their child seat owner’s manual and learn the basic nomenclature prior to arrival at the inspection site. Please unbox any new seat and make an attempt to install the seat using the guidelines in your manual. Upon your arrival, you will be required to fill out a short form and an Officer will inspect your seat, provide recommendations and assist with making the necessary corrections for a proper installation.

To schedule an appointment for a child seat inspection, please contact Ofc. Robert Apisa at (908) 753-8408 ext. 2 or [email protected].

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